Lorena G


Natural Recall · Publication & Exhibition

Collaboration made for Natural Recall, a non-profit organization looking for exploring the connection of man and plant, researching the inner workings between the Animal and the Vegetable world.

I was among the 84 graphic designers and image creators that worldwide have been invited to participate in this project.

Our contributions are currently being showed on several exhibitions all over the world from Venice to Moscow.


The leading topic I wanted to represent is my ideal concept of relationship between nature and humans. Everything is based on balance and the artwork is conceived to be seen in both orientations because one would be meaningless without the other:

On one hand appears “Support Green” framing the canvas and showing inside how the city is holding the forest as a floating island in perfect harmony, even arrives to merge with it at some points like roots.

That tries to evidence how responsible are we from the nature survival and welfare. An then, when you flip it, appears “Green Support” revealing that the foundations of the city are the forest itself. So as I’ve said there’s no one without the other, thanks to the natural side the city has a backing that keeps them safe.

That definitely represents the huge support that nature is bringing us.

In conclusion my artwork tries to express in a very visual way the union of humans and nature, that far from being a forced link I strongly believe that must be a Natural Balance. Last but not least this is my second collaboration on a publication so I'm very happy!