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Fika (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈfiːˌka]) is a concept in Swedish culture with the basic meaning 'to have coffee' and is referred to have a break. 
Fika Fika is a small project about the indie world developed by Antoine Georgelin. 

The project try to picture what could make us spend a nice weekend. Every two weeks, an artist illustrates what a perfect weekend means to him in a virtual kit composed by a movie, a record, a book, and a recipe. Check the rest of the kits here


"The first time I’ve seen Lorena’s work, i was looking for Wes Anderson fan artwork Dribbble (too much fan!? Nah!) and i’ve found her beautiful tribute to The Grand Budapest Hotel, it was just a glimpse of her skills. i invite you to discover them by yourself and check her WebsiteBehance or her Instagram! Today Lorena amazed me one more time, this vertical triptych is just stunning!"

Film · 2001 A Space Odyssey. Stanley Kubrick, 1968. I’m really inspired by Film noir, overall classics and science fiction. About this last one, my father introduced me into this kind of cinema when I was a child and always has been something fascinating for me. As I live close to the sea, I’ve daydreamed about an outdoor cinema with my boyfriend, maybe a beautiful night sky scattered with glowing stars, the reflection of the moon over the water, and meanwhile the master piece 2001: A Space Odyssey displaying on the screen. PS : I was tempted to include Wes Anderson stuff here

Book · Lloyd Llewellyn. Daniel Clowes, 1986-1988. My book is actually a graphic novel because I never have enough of Daniel Clowes. I highly recommend the Lloyd Llewellyn series. They’re brief stories about a detective who has funny adventures inspired by film noir and stereotypical 1950s lounge culture. Easy reading to enjoy close to the pool with a delicious Zombie cocktail on your hand.

Recipe · Zombie Cocktail. Supersecret ancient recipe (on the illustration). I’m keen on making cocktails and have a handmade tiki-minibar in my house. I usually make classic cocktails as gin fizz or old fashioned but the Zombie one is something that I like to prepare on summer season for special occasions so I thought it was perfect to go with this ideal weekend. The recipe is included in the illo! *

Record · Birth of the cool. Miles Davis, 1954. I listen a huge range of different things but since a few years ago I’m very into jazz. For me is the perfect music for working the same as for unwind. Even you can put it on the background while you’re reading a book and never will annoy you! I love the big classics like Miles Davis, John Coltrane or Billie Holiday.



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