Lorena G


Society6 Magazine · Publication

Introducing No. 26 -  A to Z Typography Zine now as a limited edition of 250.

Anthony Troester (Creator):  "Since joining the S6 team I've wanted to create a ZINE!!!!  My love for typography runs deep. You'll notice all my notebooks and any pieces of paper lying around my desk are covered in hand lettering and type doodles. In short, I was born to create a typography zine. "

"The artists who collaborated on this project blew it out of the water. The entire S6 team was stoked every time a new piece rolled in. I had the simple idea of an A-Z typography Zine. The talent, creativity and diversity of the community brought that idea to life"

This letter is part of the alphabet I developed for wrapping up some texture experimentations I've been playing with on my spare time (see my next post) I'm so happy for having my work literally on my hands and being featured with a lot of awesome artist as well!