Lorena G


Barcelona Dribbble Meetup II · Talk


I’ve been super lucky to be part one more year of the Barcelona Dribbble meetups as a speaker and illustrator of the image for the campaign’s event!


Thank you sooo much Ironhack for having me at the super-duper Dribbble meetup you guys hosted one more year.
Thrilled to be involved in the talks, meet talented peers and mingle with the the dudes and dudettes that came to the event! 🤓


It’s my third talk this year already! I can’t believe I’m doing it so often since I’m totally terrified every time I have to speak in public (introvert here! 🙋🏻)
Anyways! I’m super happy to overcome it every time I go out there and I end up somehow enjoying it.


(All photos courtesy of Ironhack)

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