Lorena G


Summersalt swimwear · Collaboration


Summersalt swimwear asked me, among many other talented ladies, to illustrate a piece inspired by my childhood for the #SummersaltThrowback series on their Instagram.


One of the strongest memories I have of summer is very related to the swimming pool so the main composition it's focused on this. Although since Summersalt has the prettiest swimsuits, I decided to evoke them somehow into the illustration. Too obsessed with their “Sidestroke” swimsuit not to include it subliminally in the final piece!


"During my childhood, I spent long summer days in my super tiny village (which was basically in the middle of nowhere). Dads had to take turns and drive over 25km to the closest swimming pools to bring us there and then we spent the whole day as if it was a party! Swimming, drawing, taking a "siesta", playing, laughing and mum probably begging me to put my hat on because of the sun. Easy-going days, sigh!"

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