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Lost Lust Supply · Merit Badge Pin

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Teamed up with the most awesome guys Brian Stowell and Charlie Wagers for the September feature of Lost Lust Supply and can't be happier with the result! :)
Because not all those who wander are lost, we played with the idea of a merit badge for that "Get Lost gang" that is always seeking for new adventures. 
Hope you like them as much as I do!


Lost Lust Supply is the brainchild of Brian and Charlie; close friends and colleagues who together pull over two decades in the merchandise and entertainment industries. Both carrying a strong passion for physical objects and beautiful art, Lost Lust is a side-project and creative outlet which allows them to make fun, practical objects without client bounds or restrictive deadlines. You have to seriously check the awesome products they're crafting!

Lorena G + Lost Lust Supply

The September installment of the 2017 Artist Series, designed by Lorena G. 

  • 0.7" x 1.5" hard-enamel pin.
  • Available in three color variants.
  • Single post with rubber clutch
  • custom full-color backing card by Lorena G.

All photos by @brianstowell.

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