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Dribbble Meetup · Talk


I was invited by Ironhack to talk about my work on the occasion of the Barcelona Dribbble Meetup that took place this summer together with the talented animator Moncho Massé.

This is me stammering in English about my work: How did I start, how to make the most of your experience, the hesitations that came up along the way, the importance of personal projects as well as finding your own voice and the rewards and opportunities behind the fears of flying solo as a freelancer that come closely from embracing personal growth.

I've gathered a few slides here so that you can take a glance at my presentation and figure out a little bit better about my career path during this last incredible year and almost a half.

It was incredibly challenging for me to perform this talk since I'm a little bit shy, especially in front of so many people! Adding the difficulty of doing it in another language for the first time and for so long. Anyway, I finally made it! And I have to say that I felt so happy for stepping out of my comfort zone this much. The best part was meeting a lot of incredible dudes and dudettes that approached me after the talk and you all guys were so nice to me! I really enjoyed being chatting with you and hope we can cross our paths soon :)


Many thanks to Sofía and Irene for managing and the talented Flor Vent for the beautiful photos.

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